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Same Grade - Drag and Drop

  • Same Grade

    In your project you have a lot of clips, so that means a lot of different color grading and tones so imagine how the final result will be? a complete mix of colors and tones. Now imagine that with a simple drag and drop to your project all your clips get the same color toning! These are not LUTs, effects or anything else that would change your clips, these are simple layers that will guarantee you a professional looking result.

    Included in this collection


     - 12 Drag and Drop Complementery colos.

     - Combine colors together - 325 Combinations in Total

    - Instuctions Included


Same Grade was created to make editing easy. Check our video examples below, in the original clips you can see different color toning and with a simple drag and drop on your timelife all the footage get one single color toning

Perfect Toning

What is special about Same Grade?  Each color layer has 2 complementary colors inside, one is at a higher % opacity and the other at a lower % opacity, these colors blend in your footage without tweaking absolutely nothing, we have created them to give the final touch you need to your full video.

You won't believe how easy it is, and how effective it is at the same time. Drag and Drop the color Tone to your timeline, strech it as you want, and just adjust the opacity of the Same Grade layer. 

Download any time

Out of the office? Not at home? Not on your Computer? On your mobile phone? Don’t worry at all, you can purchase this product now and download it whenever you want! You will receive a download link via email too, need more assistance?  our customer service has got you fully covered.

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